Professional window cleaning is the most cost-effective solution to revitalize the look and feel of your home.

Need sparkle in your windows?  

It's our aim to deliver serious value - the best bang for your buck - our reputation rides on it.  And it's the only way we'll earn your window cleaning business again next season...  so, if you live in the Burlington, Oakville or Hamilton area, get Squeaky Clean!

  • Don't waste your time looking through dirt and grime.  Your time is precious.  So is your home.  
  • Don't waste your money on ineffective solutions and shoddy workmanship --- like scratched glass and bent screens.  You work hard for your money.  Your window cleaner should, too!

Perhaps you've guessed by now that we take tremendous pride in offering a first class job to our valued customers. Here's a description of how we clean your windows meticulously every time...

We wash the outside windows - including the frames and sills - first, using a soft strip washer and a highly concentrated bio-degradable solution called 'Glass-Gleam'. This solution literally makes your windows sparkle, while at the same time repelling dirt, keeping your glass cleaner, longer. We then use a specialized stainless steel scraper to remove caked on dirt, grime, film, bug marks, sap, and other residue. After thoroughly soaking the window with the solution again, we squeegee the water off the glass and towel dry around the pane where the water collects. At this point, we've washed your windows twice.  All screens are removed and cleaned with the same solution as well. After the outside windows are done, we move inside and repeat the process for a streak-free, smudgeless, sparkling finish.

Burlington's most trusted Window Cleaning Service provides you with windows that sparkle inside and out... windows so clean, you'll think they're open!  Our job is to deliver sparkling glass, with as little hassle to you as possible. Throughout the entire process, whether we are on the outside or inside of your home, respectfulness of your property while maintaining the highest quality standard in the most efficient and non-obtrusive manner, is our top priority.

If you want to pay peanuts, you'll get monkeys... but the smart money knows that Squeaky Clean's Proprietary Method is the most reliable means to windows that get cleaner and stay cleaner, longer.

For your added peace of mind we are fully licensed, bonded and insured

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"... why are you Frequently Referred?"

Well, aside from the fact that our work speaks for itself, we think it's also because we're principle-driven:

  • Our 1st Principle is to be grateful for your business. We appreciate it, and it shows in our work.
  • Our 2nd Principle is to present ourselves in a courteous, professional and considerate manner at all times. We show up uniformed and neat... as polished as your windows will be when we leave, and always respectful of your property as if it were our own.
  • Our 3rd Principle is to take pride in what we leave behind, performing our best work every time, delivering quality that we'll be proud of, and that you'll be delighted with. No exceptions. No excuses. We guarantee it.

"... why make Squeaky Clean my Window Cleaning Company?"

You value clean windows. We'll deliver that. Other reasons to choose us:

  • We're a small, local family business built on old-school values. We're not a corporate entity.
  • We think you'll find our responsiveness refreshing!
  • We do the work ourselves. When you call us, we don't send employees or contractors. This ensures you a 5 Star Quality Stamp every time! Our approach is to delight you with our quality, so we get invited back every season.
  • We are courteous and respectful of your property.
  • We provide unmatched customer service, and a professional attitude greets you at the door every time.
  • We give 2% back.

Don't take our word for it, though... why not take a look at the numerous Five Star Reviews posted independently by our customers here (GoogleMyBusiness), here ( and here (Houzz).

...then give us a call at 905.634.9274, or click on one of the orange tabs at the top or bottom of the page to request a Free Estimate. You'll be glad you did. And we'll be, too!

Most Recommended Professional Window Cleaner

"... and if I want my windows cleaned on a regular schedule?"

Glad you asked, because this is a key part of our service that homeowners really appreciate.  It's another way we differentiate our company from our competitors.  We think that being proactive, and sympathetic to your needs and timing, is good business.  When you join our company as a customer, you'll automatically be enrolled in our "Complimentary Courtesy Call Service". 

You decide when you would like a call (either annually or semi-annually) and we will contact you.  You save by taking advantage of our Regular Maintenance Clean, enjoying clean windows year round. You'll never need to pay extra for the more time-consuming Deep Clean Service (requiring a little extra love due to neglect over time).  All of your details and special requirements are kept on file. From now on, you'll be the beneficiary of our thoughtful customer service --- no effort by you required!  Our customers find tremendous value in this service because it ensures clean windows all the time, even in our busiest seasons --- not to mention a longer lifespan for your windows, which account for significant investment dollars in your home. You choose your preferred timing, and leave the rest to us. You may, of course, opt out of this service at any time. No questions asked.  

Simple. Easy. Convenient. Respectful of your time and needs.

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